Do you want to grow your franchise or start a new business?
Uzbekistan, Tashkent
In April 2024
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Franchising Expo Uzbekistan
Get information about the most profitable and reliable business franchises first-hand. Expert experience and the latest franchise market news. You will get the opportunity to buy the most profitable and reliable business models.
Admission is free, please register to visit the exhibition.
Franchise buyers
Banks, law firms, marketing agencies, shopping malls will be able to find successful, steadily growing clients from among franchisors and future franchisees.
To participate and get detailed information about the placement packages at the exhibition, fill out the questionnaire.
At the exhibition you will find customers as among participants, and among the guests. Tell us about your services, about opportunities for entrepreneurs and make profitable deals.
To participate and get detailed information about the placement packages at the exhibition, fill out the questionnaire.
The exhibition is the best opportunity to personally convey information about the benefits of your franchise business, share experience with potential franchisees and get new business contacts.
To participate and get detailed information about the placement packages at the exhibition, fill out the questionnaire.
Expo speakers - leaders of the franchise market
international expert on business systematization, President of UFA. He has launched more than 300 stores in 10 countries around the world. Among the clients are Lacoste, Jennifer, Collin's, Nautica. He managed companies with a turnover of more than $ 300 million. He has trained more than 1000 managers.
international expert on franchising, author of the business bestseller "Franchise 360". Clients have opened more than 7000 outlets, 6 clients have entered the top franchises according to Forbes. Among the clients are "33 Penguins", "SDEK", "Junior", "Gazprom Transgaz".
entrepreneur, sales and management expert. Founder of "Sales Doctor", "RoboKidz" and "Billion Club". He is the author of the methodology of financial analysis of enterprises in the National Bank of Uzbekistan.
Предприниматель, Основатель ООО "Anglesey Food" в состав которой входят бренды, Korzinka Diskont и Smart. Владелец франшиз FLO и RED TAG в Узбекистане. Спикер международных бизнес и экономических форумов.
serial entrepreneur in the field of franchising, founder of the international Capybara Sushi franchise, speaker of federal franchising forums (BuyBrand, PirExpo, Top Franchise and others), creator of his podcast "Franchise.Live»
Основатель и управляющий партнер инвестиционной компании TechFARM, реализующей ряд успешных проектов в Центральной Азии и на Кавказе с 2005 года, в которые входят такие компании как Намба Медиа, Намба Такси, Намба Фуд, Бисмарт и другие проекты.
Руководитель по маркетингу ONE PRICE COFFEE, одной из самых быстрорастущих сетей в индустрии.
Спикер международных форумов по франчайзингу.
Алина Артемова


Participating brands

4 000+

Visitors at the exhibition


Applications for the purchase of a franchise from a participant on average


Franchising Expo Uzbekistan 2022-2023
How were previous franchising exhibitions Franchising Expo Uzbekistan on October 4, 2022 and March 16, 2023?


On average, each participant signed a contract based on the results of the exhibition
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Franchising Expo Uzbekistan
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projects in franchising

8 000

units were opened by customers in Russia and abroad


franchise units launched all over the world


clients were included in the list of the best franchises according to Forbes
Viktor Lyashevsky and Murat Azamov
in top-5 franchising experts
in the CIS
Together with our clients and partners, we are building a new civilized, profitable and stable franchising market
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